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What Does It Mean to Be Mind Controlled?

20 Dec

In my book, Project Black Door, the characters are ritually programmed and throughout the story they struggle to break free. In the next few posts I want to talk about such evils and share knowledge and information so that you can fight against such darkness.

Here are three things you must become aware of as we go along.

First, for someone to control your mind you must be ignorant of the process.

In fact it’s terrifyingly easy if you are not aware.

The Nazi’s highly favored this research and experimented with it on a regular basis. In fact, the CIA put together their secret project, MKUltra, via the information gathered from Nazi war criminal, or so called doctors. MKUltra was a project that used unwitting US and Canadian citizens as their test subjects. Creepy?

It gets worse.

The Methodologies used to manipulate the individuals mental state and alter brain functions, included the administration of drugs like LSD, chemical hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse as well as torture.

As they better understood the dark knowledge they’d attained, they broadened their research to include studies at 80 institutions, 44 colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies. These were used as a front for the CIA.

Project MKUltra was just the beginning of the studies for the USA.

After our servicemen were released from the prison camps of the Korean War, they exhibited odd behavior. It was finally determined that that their brains had been washed with a new level of sophisticated brainwashing. This motivated our military to fund investigations and take the lead in the control and manipulation of our human species.

The ability to brain wash, or mind control is now an elite skill and fine tuned to perfection.

But do your own research. look up MKUltra, Project Paperclip (which brought the Nazi scientists to the US after the war and protected them while they worked here in the States.) Also check out HAARP as even the air we breathe and food we eat are infected, controlled and manipulated.

Seeking out the truth will bring darkness to light, thus removing it’s power. In doing so I hope to unmask such evil and weaken the control that is wielded over us.

Secondly, to escape such control you must realize how they reach us and with what forms, as the strings are pulled through the media of television, movies, news and the music industry. These are the poppet masters greatest tools.

Finally,  there are signs, symbols and activation triggers to be on the lookout for which will be defined in upcoming posts. These “triggers” can only be used against one who knows the core and foundation of who they are, in the Spirit of Truth.

To gain knowledge is the first step, to apply is the second step and to accept the change is when you may finally break the strings of the poppet masters.

Heather Lea

Hello and Welcome :)

5 Dec

So I see you’ve made it to my secret place. I’m honored to have you join me, and I hope that together we may discover the truth and reveal it to the world with boldness and courage.

I do hope to write at once a month but please understand that if I do not it’s because I am busy working on another story.

Here you may find my ramblings, on topics of writing, to my thoughts and beliefs.

And I must say, I hope you find the strength to rise above the darkness, to leave your comforts and tread the dangerous paths of truth and light, in a world of deception and darkness.

You can also find me here.

Best Regards,

Heather Lea